Our cotton is the finest out there. We only use the finest fabrics!

Our patterned cotton is WOVEN in. That means that if you turn the fabric over and look at the other side you will STILL SEE THE PATTERN clearly. [we do NOT used Stamped Cotton: the CHEAPER Version: when you turn this over, you see nothing!]

Our Cotton is Pre-Washed. This means it is also Pre-shrunk. This means durable long lasting outfits that are not going to shrink the first time you wash them. [now, it is still best to wash in cold and hang dry to prevent fading. but that's another story]

Our Cotton is actually a blend of cotton and polyester making it more durable.

Cotton is usually a good choice for: Victorian Pantaloons, Slips, Petticoats. Jammies or NightGowns, L'il Girl Play Dresses, Casual Dress Blouses and Skirts. Some Dresses if the pattern allows. Versatile for most patterns that do not require stretch or volumous poofiness.

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