Our Flannel is Soft, Bright and Thick.

High Quality Cotton with a permanent woven print, not stamped. [you can tell the difference because stamped does not show the pattern on both sides of the material.] Also the difference in our Flannel is the HIGH GRADE! we do not use the thin cotton flannel, but the fleecy thick soft grade of flannel. When purchasing our flannels we isnsist on the manufacturer sending a swatch so we can FEEL the TEXTURE before purchasing. We shall also insist on offerring to send you a swatch when you order your custom cuts so you too can feel the texture.

The nursery motifs are especially popular with our "Lil Girls" for their jammies and sleepers. "Adult Babies" for Rompers, Jammies, sleepers, bibs and of course DIAPERS. Also some of our "older gals" just love to have a warm fluffy Nightie to cuddle up in on those cold nights.

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