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Makeup is a Transvestites best friend or her worst enemy. Makeup is the illusion that transforms her into that beautiful feminine woman ~ her best friend. Makeup is also the most mysterious challenge to a beginner who is almost frightened to try to become passable making it her worst enemy.

We give you the best highest quality makeup. We give you Femme I and Femme II, both full of makeup lessons and tips. We give you a Fashion Video which has 3 step by step lessons on it. We give you the option of a Private Transformation.

As a dear friend of mine, Danny Love from The Imposters once said putting on makeup should be FUN! Just get in front of the mirror and go at it! Its not like its permanent ink marker! It does come off! Well, Danny wherever you are now, I hope your makeup looks as well as it did when you were alive.

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2. FEMME 2
Basic How To...
3. FEMME 3
More! How To...
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