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UPDATED LINGERIE ON PINTEREST ! http://www.pinterest.com/flp2748/ HEADING: PLUS SIZE LINGERIE up to 4X LARGER BETTER PICTURES TO SEE and easier to upload!

YES ORDER: w/mjr cr. card 519.371.1215 or use order sheet**use 2 windows to SEE DETAIL BETTER! prices & colors listed on most**

Sized to fit YOU [up -4XL] as well as your FANTASY! Plus Size Lingerie ~ Slinky, Voluptous, Sexy, Seductive! Well made. High Quality.

Be sure and TELL YOUR FRIENDS we have an AMAZING SELECTION of lingerie. And please give him your Bra & Cup & Waist size. Easier to fit the outfit.

Please START by referring to the CHART FOR SIZINGto find your correct size. Clik on the third square [see below] to enter. Then have FUN choosing your NEW LINGERIE OUTFITS knowing that they will indeed fit you as well as your fantasy!

*DG 3717 X
*EL 22828X
3pc set
*EL 25500X
*EL 30551X
*EL 30556X
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