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Queen Size NIPPLES very Lifelike!

Our biggest best Nipples !

- Semi-transparent for a more realistic appearance

- Our most realistic Queen size silicone nipples.

- 1/2" projection and 3.1" diameter!

- Queen Nipples come in a plastic storage container for safe keeping

- After use, just wash the nipples, allow them to dry and they are ready for use again!

- The areola can be trimmed to suit your body or breast form size.

- Easily removable and reusable over and over

- Very realistic extra large Soft Silicone filled nipples

- Semi-clear silicone color change to suit your body or breast forms!

No matter how REAL the silicone breast forms feel, sometimes you wish the nipples were a LITTLE MORE STIFF! These nipples are great to wear with your silicone breast forms, when you want to STAND OUT in a crowd! Tight sweaters, Lycra, will accent your breasts better if the nipples are stiffer! You probably do not realize how many television stars are wearing these, but when you acquire a pair, you will be!