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Pan 04
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Pan 04


MARKET PRICE, CUSTOM CUT : Now that you have seen just what we can do, Let us know WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU???

This is by far the most elaborate pair of pantaloons we have ever been challenged to make. The legs are THREE FEET ACROSS! Then Beverly asked us to put layer upon layer of cotton eyelet lace on the COTTON legs. But before the cotton eyelet could be attached, Beverly INSISTED that we weave HUNDREDS OF YARDS of blue SATIN RIBBON through each and every eyelet hole!

Then Beverly decided to add even MORE COTTON LACE up the grand three foot wide billowing legs! This is definitely NOT a light weight fashion. The elastic in the waist band had to be SUPER WIDE SPORTS ELASTIC to be able to hold the whole thing up!

We had FUN making this, and Beverly was so EXCITED with this outfit, it was WORTH the EXTRA EFFORTS to make this beautiful design!