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Pan 05
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Pan 05


Satin Pantaloons with 6 Layers of Nylon Lace Trim

Satin, non elasticized at the knee, elasticized waist. SIX LAYERS OF LACE trim on the "cuff"


Please, if you WISH give us your INSEAM MEASURE from crotch to knee: so we can make the LENGTH of the pant much nicer for you. But if you are "helpless" then just give us your waist size & HEIGHT and we'll "guestimate" for you.

SMALL: 28 - 34 waist

MED: 32 - 38 waist

LARGE: 36 - 42 waist

Larger sizes add 25% and fill in MEASUREMENT SHEET


LACE: either match to the satin color or "contrast" the satin color.

Please note: these look like they are "skin tight" they are NOT. It's the way they are pulling on the model. They are EXACTLY like PAN 02, except the lace is in a different place, and they are "to the knee" and PAN 02 is "just above the knee". Now, if you want these to just ahobe the knee, guess what???? GIVE US THE MEASURE TO THE LENGTH and we'll accommodate your wishes.