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Reusable Double-Sided Breast Form Tape

24 Double Sided V Tapes with 11 FREE Skin Tac Wipes.

No red blotches with prolonged usage as with sprays.

Reusable Double-Sided Breast Form Tape

With “Triple Stick” Holding Strength. Waterproof!

At Last! Go Braless without messy sprays and difficult removal. A simple, safe and secure way to make any* silicone breast form attachable.Our hypoallergenic, double sided medical adhesive tapes chest, hold breast forms and enhancers securely to your chest. They are easily removed, leaving no residue.

They are designed so V tapes can be used in various configurations on your breast forms or clothing

Triple Stick Double Sided Tapes adhere three ways:

1) The first action of the tape adhesive easily adheres the form to your chest

2) The tapes are pressure sensitive. The firmer you press the form against your chest, the better it will adhere

3) The adhesive is also heat sensitive, adhering better as it warms to your body temperature for the secure feeling desired

Triple Stick Tapes are Reusable Over and Over!

This report from a client who likes the feeling of her breast forms being attached securely when wearing a bra: "Bought your double-sided adhesive tapes. I must admit I was dubious they would work on my size 16 forms, but was pleasantly surprised. After a six-hour party with walking, dancing and copious sweating, the forms were still stuck fast at the end of the night! A miracle product! Thank you!" :o)


~ Now you can go braless using any silicone breast form. ~ Wear strapless bras. Let the tapes do the work instead of your bra. ~ Makes any breast form feel like a real breast on your chest. ~ The weight of the breast form is borne by your chest, the way it should be, not your bra straps. ~ Not interested in going braless? Use one tapes will keep your breast form from sliding around in your bra. ~ Great for holding breast enhancers in place-with or without a bra! ~ Easy to apply and remove. Reusable! ~ Tapes are invisible and mold to your skin. ~ Waterproof! Use with bathing suit and swim forms ~ Finally! No more messy spray adhesives. ~ Leaves no sticky residue on your chest. ~ No red blotches from sprays. ~ Can be trimmed to match the shape of your breast form. ~ “Triple Stick” Holding Strength


One tape will secure a small breast form or Secret Shape Breast Enhancer in place. To go braless wearing a breast form, use two tapes per form to make them fully secure- depending. This will depend on your breast form size. For breast forms size 7 to 10, three tapes may be required. For larger forms you will need more tapes. This will depend on form weight and size. Some very large forms such as the Super Girls Breast Forms may not be suitable for use with tape because their weight may put too much stress on your chest and the breast form.

* Important: Not all breast forms are designed to be used with tapes. Unless otherwise stated, all our forms can be used with tapes. Use caution when removing tapes from forms or damage may result. We cannot be responsible for damage caused to forms by use of tape. Very occasionally, users may find tapes cause skin irritation. If this occurs, discontinue use of tapes.

And after all this, there will be INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED WITH THE TAPE.