UPDATED ON PINTEREST w/prices ! http://www.pinterest.com/flp2748/ HEADING: PLUS SIZE LINGERIE up to 4X LARGER BETTER PICTURES TO SEE and easier to upload!

YES ORDER: w/mjr cr. card 519.371.1215 or use order sheet**use 2 windows to SEE DETAIL BETTER! prices & colors listed on most**

Sized to fit YOU [up -4XL] as well as your FANTASY! Plus Size Lingerie ~ Slinky, Voluptous, Sexy, Seductive! Well made. High Quality.

Be sure and TELL YOUR FRIENDS we have an AMAZING SELECTION of lingerie.

Please START by referring to the CHART FOR SIZINGto find your correct size. Clik on the third square [see below] to enter. Then have FUN choosing your NEW LINGERIE OUTFITS knowing that they will indeed fit you as well as your fantasy!

*DG 3717 X
*EL 22828X
3pc set
*EL 25500X
*EL 30551X
*EL 30556X
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