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CROSSER-SIZE was invented by Deb for her beginner customers who had never ever worn a dress/but WANTED to be able to buy her wonderful fashions! She made the whole Lycra Line with BEGINNERS in mind. If you can answer the following you CAN buy ALL THE FASHIONS LISTED IN THIS SECTION and then some of the street fashions as well: it is that easy!

Not to worry, all fashions are cut for MEN, to include Extra in shoulder, arm length and girth ~~ means they will fit! Standard is 5f 10i - 6f -2i. If you are under, just please give us your height as well.

1.Waist Size: without the corset ladies. and remember Ladies: your waist is HALF WAY between the bottom of your ribs and the top of your hips. NOT where you wear your male trousers.

FOR DRESSES/TOPS: if you can give us these two little extra measures it will help ...

2.Shirt size: Neck + arm length

3.Bra size or Jacket size [eg:42 chest]

4.LENGTH: in most cases we cut as in the photo, or list it on the cut.

THAT IS IT! for skirts, you only need a WAIST MEASUREMENT which is even EASIER! So Ladies, have FUN and get your new wardrobe started!