**Crocosmia Orange BULBS
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**Crocosmia Orange BULBS


This is ORANGE Crocosmia. the ONLY one that produces NECTAR to FEED the BEES & HUMMINGBIRDS ! the yellow and red varieties produce NO nectar. they STARVE the bees/birds into thinking they can "feed" ! PLANT THE ORANGE AND SAVE THE BEES AND HUMMINGBIRDS ! plus they look great in your garden !

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If you want a brilliant splash of colour in your garden, one that makes people stop in their tracks and ask 'What's that!', plant this beauty. The glorious flower spikes stand three feet tall in good conditions and almost glow. Very dramatic and eye-catching.

Hardy Zones 5-8 (no need to dig in zone 5. HARDY)

Full Sun - Light Shade

Space 5" apart* cover w/4-5" of soil. (*because they will fill in)

water needs: self sufficient

MORE INFO: http://www.perennials.com/seeplant.html?item=1.170.600

more information on pinterest: LARGER BETTER PHOTO ON PINTEREST: go to: http://www.pinterest.com/flp2748 and clik on "Plants 4 Sale"