**Lambs Ear
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**Lambs Ear


Scientific Name: Stachys byzantina

Common Name: Wooly Lamb's Ear

Plant Type: Perennial

Where To Plant: Full Sun to Partly Shady

Soil Types: Average

Zones: 4-9

Uses: Medicinal

Notes: Soft, downy foliage, formerly used to bandage wounds.

Lambís ear is a heat resistant ornamental plant classified as an herb that is native to Turkey, Armenia and Iran, though it can be found commonly in most parts of the world. As the name would suggest, lamb's ear produces leaves with a shape similar to that of a real lamb's ears. They are primarily a creeping plant that does not grow more than one foot high, though they do produce light purple flowers on tall spikes that can be raised over two feet high. They grow very easily.

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