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How Much?
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How Much?


Small Photo:Designed for: Jennifer Holly,Portland, OR

Large Photo:Designed for: Penny, Seattle, WA

~~~~~~~~~~~HOW MUCH?~~~~~~~~~

Penny: How much is the Jennifer Holly Dress that I saw on BIRTHDAY VIDEO2

Deb: How Much Money Do You have?

Penny: Excuse me?

Deb: I am not being fascitious. How much money do you have?

Penny: Well I have $$$$ . Why?

Deb: Because I know how much the Jennifer Holly Dress originally cost. And now that you have told me you have $$$$ I know what I can do for you.

Penny: So, then I can have THE dress?

Deb: Well yes and no. Do you care if the buttons are real ?

Penny: Uh, no. I just like the Look of them. Why does that make a difference in the price?

Deb: It sure does, no button holes. Now, tell me about the crinoline. What do YOU see? Do you see layers and layers of purple lace?

Penny: No, I did not even think of that. I just like the puff of the skirt

Deb: You just bought Gina O we can use that crinoline and another store one. That will work! And I bet the material can be organdy and not organza! True?


TRUE STORY and Penny DID get her dress!: So: When you hear:How Much Money Ya Got? you are REALLY hearing: How Can I HELP YOU get that dress you want!