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Designed for: Mellissa, Alberta, Can.

See Mellissa, Southern Girl and Bo Peep, Little Scottish Girl,INTERCHANGEABLE FANTASY OUTFITS on:


Her Grown Up Clothing is on:FASHION VIDEO Buy Yours Today.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MELLISSAs STORY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mellissa was going to her first outing ~ Fantasia Fair, Provincetown, MA. Luckily that Spring, she was residing in Toronto, ON; so could come up to the store to visit. [3.5 hr. drive] That way she and I had time to design her outfits for Fantasia Fair that Fall:

Together, we studied the Fantasia Fair Schedule and Programmes of Activities. She had to have Formal, Fantasy Costume and of course some casual day wear and evening wear. It had to accommodate her travelling space as well as her fantasy space.

Mellissa got her dream: I designed FIVE INTERCHANGEABLE outfits that would accommodate her dressing needs. A Little Nine Year Old Southern Girl; Satin Jacquard Toddler JAMMIES [or Grown up] The bottoms also were lace trimmed Pantaloons: A Scottish High Dress Formal Outfit that grew DOWN to a little girl:The BoPEEP outfit:and BALLERINA FANTASY outfit.

Mellissa enjoyed her outfits and had a grand time on her FIRST OUTING. She came back ecstactically happy and told me she had WON more than once: PRIZES for her outfits! Indeed I was pleased, proud and happy for her. Since then Mellissa has continued to join clubs, participate in outings, and is fully out.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Never ever be afraid to be yourself. You were born to be who you are so you may as well enjoy yourself!

I am here to help you start your journey. BEGINNERS are my specialty.