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Bo Peep
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Bo Peep


Designed For: Beverly, Colorado, USA.

You can see the Bo Peep Fantasy Outfit on:

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BEVERLYs STORY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When I first met Beverly, he told me he was a SATIN SISSY VELVET BOY. Translated that meant making royal blue velvet jackets with white satin bloomer pants. Clothes associated with the upper class of the Victorian Age.

Then one day Beverly surprisingly asked for a SISSY LITTLE GIRL OUTFIT. Cotton eyelet lace and 500 yards of perriwinkle blue satin ribbon adorned the three foot wide pantaloons. There would be a hat with a Two Foot Brim: buckram covered with white shiny [had to be shiny] cotton. The skirt had to be a perriwinkle shiny stiff cotton to match the ribbon; which was a challenge in itself. Then there would be a cotton petticoat to match, cotton blouse and of course the velvet pinnafore. [right shade of blue mind you]

It took almost a year to make: mainly because of sending swatches and ribbon to have the color approved. Then when it was finally done: the challenge was shipping it: it weighed a TON! Cotton eyelet trim is not lightweight!


If you have the patience and the time to wait: your dream outfit can be done. Most do not take a year, but some do. You just have to give C.C. and I time to get the OUTFIT completely done to your SATISFACTION!