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Designed For: Allison , Helena, Montana.

SEE! Allison's complete line of Barbie Fantasy Dresses on:

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ALLISONs STORY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Allison is a very avid Barbie Fan! She has the dolls, including first editions. She collects the cothing, toys and accessories.

In fact, when Allison was building her new home she built a Little Girl Bedroom and Playroom to house her Barbie paraphanaelia. It came complete with a twenty foot closet.

That is when she asked for a number of gowns to be made into Barbie Gowns. Allison would send the Barbie Dress: it was then sized up to her size.

This is the Dress we made from the little doll dress you pushed to enter here.

Alot of our Lil Girls bring us doll dresses or original little girl dresses to have us cut them up to size for themselves.

If you check out the Reading Section: Stacy is kneeling in her bright sunshine yellow dress reading a giant size lil girl book? Look to the right, the dress we designed hers from is laying there.

Perhaps YOU need a SPECIAL DRESS copied to FIT ?