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Gown 03
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Gown 03


The Plantation Gown was especially designed for Dawn. She loves to read romantic love stories, and decided she wanted a gown just as romantic as the heroines in the stories.

With alot of planning, choosing the style, the fashions, the color of the material it took one year to make this gown. The mauve silk has sweet flowers and butterflies imprinted in it. The flowers are opalescent reflecting etheral mauves, pinks, turquoise and silver when the light catches them in the right direction. The lace trim was matched exactly for the same opalescent hue. In fact it had to be special ordered.

The dress itself is draped over the volumous underskirt. That is a full skirt and the lace appearing on the front goes the full circumference. Underneath the white skirt is layers and layers of the finest softest netting we could find. Each layer is broken with a layer of nylon material. Each layer of the 5 foot in diameter crinoline is trimmed with soft eggshell white lace. I wish you could hear the soft rustles when Dawn walks in this gown.

Dawns Plantation Gown was accessorized with a throat choker of black velvet and a cameo brooch. The fan is also trimmed in opalescent lace and flowers. Her shoes which cannot been seen were dyed to match the mauve silk.

The wig was purchased and styled for the outfit.

This dressing fantasy can be yours if you have the patience to wait, the time to go through fittings and are willing to corset train. That is if you want it FITTED.

The good news, if the waist does not have to be so snug Cheryl Ann has indeed made gowns like this for our mail order customers. Patience is still a requirement.