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This exciting outfit was especially designed for Annie. That is ONE BLOUSE you are looking at. The collar is Battenburg lace and demanded we make the most of it. Gorgeous! When the collar is reversed the outfit becomes even dressier, and is great for that cocktail party or evening soiree!

In the smaller photo the outfits collar reminisces of sweeter times.

The lace trim has been sewn to the hem of the SKIRT creating a false petticoat. The skirt is an A Line as Annie did not want too much fullness.

If you did not know, Femme II was dedicated to Annie. She was not only a customer but a friend. She was my computer teacher, and Femme II was my lesson board. I dedicated the publication to her! Annie [I think] returned to England, and we lost touch with each other. Still a fond friend who is highly regarded!