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Gown 01


So now you can see another type of Formal gown that we can make for you.

Whether you are dreaming of a contemporary gown ~ or something flamboyant ~ or gorgeous volumes of petticoats ~ or whimsical ~ or ~ Prom Girl Fantasy ..... whatever YOUR MOOD Deb shall do her best to DESIGN YOUR PERSONAL FORMAL GOWN. To discover the possibilities of a CUSTOM DESIGNED GOWN please book a private appointment with Deb.

Your fantasy can become reality when you plan a CUSTOM DESIGNED GOWN. Deb will guide you through endless possibilities to ensure your personal FANTASY GOWN comes to life. Exchange ideas over volumes and volumes of FORMAL GOWN PHOTOS. Or bring your own photos.

PRICE: "Custom Cut Market Price" Because this gown was custom designed for Annie, North Carolina, we shan't tell you what s/he paid for it. Just like we won't tell YOUR Gown Price either.