Cheryl Ann
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Cheryl Ann


Cheryl Ann has been dressing since her teen years, but never realized how special her lifestyle was to become until she met Deb in 1987.

She went from her factory job to attend Edith Serei Institute, Toronto and graduated top of her class as an asthetician. She now caters to Transgender clientele for electrolysis.

If that was not enough she also attended six sewing classes. Cheryl Ann thought she was going to sew the simple cuts in the store. She is now the top seamstress for the store! Customers from all around the world are amazed with the lovely work Cheryl Ann puts into their fantasy creations!

Cheryl Ann loves to wear full skirts and sweaters for casual day way. Of course for dressy nites her mini skirts or some sexy PVC! Which looks fab on her since she got her breast implants 1996. Cheryl Anns weakness is shoes. Deb likes boots so she wears them also.

Cheryl Ann has found most people are very supportive of her lifestyle. Living in a city of 20,000 she goes out dressed and women are constantly complimenting her on how well she looks. That is probably why she is Debs favorite model when it comes to showing off their fine creations.

As Cheryl Ann says I cannot design, Deb cannot sew. Together we make the perfect team!

Cheryl Ann enjoys reading Science Fiction, cooking, gardening and watching TV programmes like Andromeda and Britcoms.

When she and Deb are not in the store, they love to travel.