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Store business hours are 10 - 5:30 daily, closed on Sunday. However, you can visit the back of the store and have a private session during the day, and not be bothered with the regular clientele. But, if you wish to have the entire store to yourself, you will have to book afterhours. A booking entails a deposit fee refundable when I see your bright and shiny face!

You do NOT need to book: a private session to buy merchandise from the back of the store during regular business hours. You shall have privacy.

You DO NEED to book: a private session if you want clothing designed or personal service for buying wigs, corsetry, or breastforms.

If you want to take a chance and show up, we will do our best to accommodate you, the private session just ensures that we will both be here, and that Deb will be able to cater to your personal dressing needs. You are more than welcome to visit anytime you are in the area! IT IS WELL WORTH THE DRIVE!

Afterhours and Sundays are available for SERIOUS SHOPPERS.