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You have watched the video. Dreamed of a wedding fantasy ! Now it is time to call Deb and BOOK YOUR WEDDING FANTASY. "Fantasia Fashions" has produced world-class gowns where every customer is transformed into an elegant, magical feminine bride!

With so many services to explore, it is no wonder you are filled with questions. This section has vast possibilities to help you choose which WEDDING FANTASY is best for you. Let "Fantasia Fashions" turn your dreams into reality with one call.

Deb can help you plan your big day down to the last detail. From dress design and wedding bouquet, to makeup lessons to photography and videography, to an intimate wedding luncheon with bubbly champagne.

Deb does it all. She'll buy the cake and gifts, have a full day or two day session, but still leave you free time to relax and enjoy. You will delight in the specially designed packages, she has delighted her clientele with in the past years !


The following are offered in the "WEDDING FANTASY PACKAGE" :

YOUR WEDDING GOWN : The First step in planning this exceptional fantasy day is the enchanted gown. Deb can make your wedding wish come true. Whether you join together for a private meeting at the store to create the perfect gown, or whether its from afar. Your dream will become a reality when she guides you through endless possiblities to ensure your personal "Fantasia Fashion" Wedding Gown comes to life! Cheryl Ann has sewn remarkable gowns without a single fitting!

You may just order the Gown. However if you plan a Full Custom Wedding Day Session here are your options:

CHOOSE YOUR LOCATION : Enjoy your elegant fantasy wedding session designed with its own distinct charm to reflect your wishes! It may be in the privacy of your own romantic setting. It can be possible if you send "Air-Transport" and provide "motel accommodations" for Deb. Or you may wish to travel to Owen Sound and book a motel room and have Deb visit your room. Anything is possible.

PAMPER YOURSELF ! A Fantasy Wedding needs the perfect setting, and nothing sets the stage like the elegance of "getting prepared for your special day". Start with a luxurious bubble bath, shave your legs, and get ready for Deb to arrive. You have a choice of:

* Makeup Application: Purchase all the makeup necessary for this transformation from Fantasyland's complete stock. Deb will teach you ILLUSION to make you the most beautiful female! This is just not makeup it is MAGIC!

* Makeup Lessons: usually after the intial transformation, if you have the available time, you may book a makeup lesson [or two] with Deb. You will learn all Deb's MAGICAL TRICKS as she takes you step by step through your own personal makeup lessons. This will ensure that you will be able to "re-live" your fantasy over and over again.

Eyebrow Plucking & Shaping: and if you are nervous, Deb can teach you how to "sneak pluck".

* Applying False Fingernails: she can also purchase the nails. And if they are the correct type she can APPLY NAILPOLISH as well.

** WIG: Deb can sell you a gorgeous wig to accent your special wedding gown. If you require Professional BRIDAL WIG STYLING: Advance notice needed as Deb will need to book your appointment with a professional hairstylist. She will give you advice on what hair style suits you best and then set your wig for the wedding fantasy.

* FACIAL: Five step beauty plan to make your skin feel fresh and alive. Includes a cleanser, mask, hot towel, cool refresher, skin emollients. Deb will sell you the products to take home to keep your skin maintenance programme working. She will teach you how to keep your face young and alive!

* PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY : You have a choice of: 35 mm camera with 24 color shots or Polaroid Spectra Film [if you require more photos, let Deb know, she can adjust the costs to accommodate any number of photos.] Remember that if you have 35mm film done you must make time for the one hour developing service so that you may take them home with you. When Deb orders your "wedding gifts" remember to ask her for the "wedding photo album" to preserve the magic of the day! Videography: you will have a record of your complete transformation, along with Deb's tricks of Illusion! she will also film every other event of the day that you wish, you have a maximum of 2 hours of film![most customers can't use it all up!] Deb will transfer your 8mm film to a Video Tape so that you may take it home and watch it. No matter what your choice, you will be guaranteed a wonderful souvenier of YOUR SPECIAL DAY !

* WEDDING PLANNER: How Long should you allow? One day at least, some customers span this session into 2-3 days depending on the amount of time they can afford. If you can afford 3 days, believe me it will be well worth it!

* FANTASY OPTIONS: Deb can Plan the MOST MAGICAL FANTASTIC DAY to make your wedding fantasy a memory that will last a lifetime! Depending on your budget, she can purchase the following for you:

** Wedding Gifts ~ silver monogrammed champagne glass with your femme name engraved upon it [great photo opportunity!] ~ silver heart with your femme name & wedding date engraved upon it to attach to your leg garter ~ a silver wedding photo frame to place your cherished wedding gown photo in ~ Wedding Photo album ~ a special piece of jewellry to wear to remember your special day. If you have other suggestions please feel free to discuss them with Deb.

** Wedding Cake with Bride Keepsake Wedding Topper ; Deb will order a small personal size wedding cake with a bride on top for you to be able to "cut the cake" with a knife decorated with flowing ribbons! [Great Photo Opportunity!]

** Diamond Wedding Ring Set: Deb can purchase a set of wedding rings for your special wedding day. Deb will actually perform a beautiful ceremony and when she places the rings upon your finger she will utter those special words making both your "sides" marry each other. It is something that is so meaningful and spiritual you will treasure the feelings for a lifetime!

** Bridal Luncheon with champagne: complimentary with each full day session is a salad plate with roll and glass of champagne. This usually follows the trasformation, facials etc. The afternoon is then spent putting on the bridal gown, taking the photos, opening the gifts, enjoying a champagne toast, cutting the wedding cake. Then you will have some time to yourself while Deb gets the photography done. If you require an elegant evening of fine candlelit dining please let Deb know, she can also get meals brought in for you. This will enable you to continue the fantasy dining and dancing under the stars while admiring your beautiful femme self!

** Wake to the relaxation of finding yourself still "en-femme" wearing a beautiful silky negligee and one of our "night-time" sleep wigs. Perhaps you have purchased the silicone breast forms that glue-on for overnight use? Whatever, your fantasy can continue throughout the night. When you meet Deb, your WEDDING FANTASY will be an enchanting adventure! She will happily get other things set up as you get closer to that special day. Afterall this is YOUR DAY and your femme self is IMPORTANT


To Book: By Phone requires a major credit card. If you require discretion you may Express Post an International Money Order [not cash] to book. There will be cutting deposits, and of course the extra costs of anything that must be purchased outside the store intially. Payments can be discussed with Deb when you book your first appointment. [$20 bookking deposit required to ensure the date and book the privte session rooms.]

Once the session is booked, Deb will take you on a FANTASY VOYAGE TO WEDDING PARADISE !