Everything you DREAMED of!
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Everything you DREAMED of!



Karen Fox has her wedding fantasy. You get to imagine it is YOU slipping into that billowing satiny skirt as Deb PERSONALLY dresses you in YOUR wedding gown. Karen's Wedding Fantasy entails, the Transformation, Bridal Luncheon with gifts, The WEDDING GOWN DRESSING TIME, Photo Session, and then Lingerie Modelling .

Andrea has a special fantasy of her own. Completely Different from Karen's WEDDING FANTASY. You get to see Andrea's Fantasy Session. Andrea flew in especially for this fantasy from California. This will enable you to see what Deb can do for your fantasy if you have to plan it "long distance" before arriving for the BIG DAY!! Deb and Andrea only met face-face the "day before this filming". Yet Andrea looks so HAPPY & EXCITED & RELAXED you would swear s/he and Deb had known each other for years. When you book your fantasy with Deb, she will do everything to make sure YOUR DAY is just as SPECIAL !

Dawn has the wedding shower, fantasy and the grand finale! which is almost a honeymoon in itself!Dawn's Fantasy entails THREE DAYS OF FILMING! The "Shower" ~ The "Bridal Luncheon" ~ The "Wedding Day" and finally "The HONEYMOON" which is when she asks Deb to take her to A DRESSING PARTY who's 'theme' for that year is "HERE COME's THE BRIDES"

Then we whisk you to the REAL Wedding! at the "Be All" in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania held at the Glamourous "SHERATON INN HOTEL" ! For THREE MORE DAYS Deb photographs her Three "Blushing brides" as they attend the three Day Dressing Party. As the weekend Draws to a near, there is a REAL WEDDING between two of the guests. Planned in advance a 'real female' and her TV Lover, get married. They have invited EVERYONE to attend! Andrea, Felicia, & Dawn March Down The Aisle Along With over a dozen blushing brides from all over the world showing off their lovely BRIDAL GOWNS!

You Shall Also see "Felicia's Wedding Fantasy " . The Gown Alone is worth seeing! And Felicia's Wedding Fantasy involves a BLACK WEDDING GOWN.


"If I have not convinced you that this video is well worth it, VIEWING it should. For two and half hours, you not only get your "feed" of wedding gowns, but you also get THREE MAKEUP LESSONS. If this is not enough, you can actually "see" what you can do to BOOK YOUR WEDDING FANTASY. All this for only $39.95. Well worth the investment, this WEDDING PLANNER should be your FIRST STEP in making your SPECIAL DAY a Reality!

BRIDE: Karen Fox, Toronto, ON